Hallertau / Liberty Brewing Launch Haterade

Hallertau / Liberty Brewing Launch Haterade

Hallertau Brewery & Liberty Brewing Co

Collaboration produces Haterade


Cooperation and collaboration have been heritage hallmarks of the craft brewing industry in New Zealand. The sharing of information and techniques has helped the industry to quickly grow to meet the increasingly diverse needs of consumers seeking new flavours in their beer.


Haterade, the new collaboration by Hallertau Brewery and Liberty Brewing Co, is a prime example of such a mutually beneficial partnership.


Haterade is a sour-ish Double India Pale Ale of immense proportions. Described as a “beer for jealous types”, Haterade is produced from all New Zealand malt and all American hops and has a whopping big ABV (alcohol by volume) of 8.5%.


And while it’s all well and good to produce an exciting new brew, the support of a prominent outlet such as 16 TUN ensures the beer quickly reaches the palates of knowledgeable craft beer consumers. Haterade is available from September 12 at 16 TUN in Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter.

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