Pining for Pliny?

Pining for Pliny?

Pliny the Elder

One of the worlds greatest beers

We’ve recently managed to get our hands on a few bottles of one of the worlds most sought after beers, Pliny the Elder by Russian River, craftly smuggled into the country by our expert #beermule.

16 Tun is all about the craft of beer and we thought long and hard about how we could craftly share it with you our loyal followers. As much as we’d love to be able to give everyone a bottle we couldn’t get enough to go around.

We decided it was best to test everybody’s craftiness by giving you two opportunities to purchase one of the bottles, for the hefty price of $0.16. Enter one, or both, of our crafty competitions to get your hands on this rarest of beers.

To enter competition number 1:

Entering the Instagram competition:

  • Take a photo featuring 16 Tun. Be as crafty & creative as possible.
  • Upload to Instagram
  • Tag @16tun and #beermule

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